On December 25, Armenians living in the Karabakh economic region of Azerbaijan held a rally in Khankandi city. Following the rally, according to the Armenian media, 70,000 participants took part in the rally.


Faktyoxla Lab. (Factchecking Lab.)has analyzed the accuracy of this information and the authenticity of the published photos.

At first glance, there is a large number of participants of the rally.

Let's pay attention to the main elements of fraud that are noticeable in connection with the rally held in Khankandi on December 25:

First of all, buses bringing participants from Yerevan and other cities, as in the October 30 rally, were nowhere to be seen this time. It turns out that the rally of Azerbaijani eco-activists, NGO representatives and volunteers on the Khankandi-Lachin road has had its effect on this matter.

The Armenian ‘Bagramyan’ telegram channel claimed the figure of 65,000-70,000 participants based on the old method (calculation of area perimeter) - Google Maps based on the total area and the ratio of the density of participants. We have already clarified this claim with our own calculations.

Here's how that calculation was done:

In order to calculate the number of people gathered in the open square, we add the outlines of the rally held in the Revival square in Khankandi to the Map Checking add-on. Based on the fact that an average of two people account for each square meter, we entered the info into the Map Checking app, according to the obtained photos and videos, taking into account the very low population density on the right and left sides of the square (0.7 people per square meter), the 220-meter-long, 7-meter-wide section and the void space in front of the grandstand. The result shows 17,751 people.


Thus, on December 25, not 70,000, but 17,751 people gathered at the rally held by Armenians in the city of Khankandi, located in the Karabakh economic region of Azerbaijan.

The Armenian sources, in order to present the total number of those who participated in the rally, calculated figures at a density of 2.5-3 people per square meter.

Note: If we believe the calculations and drawings of the ‘Bagramyan’ telegram channel, trees, walls and fences of buildings, cars, lamps on the streets also supported the rally and participated in it.

In fact, it is possible to come to the conclusion that these indicators are wrong in the photos distributed by the Armenians themselves and that certain corrections were made in the photos.

Let's pay attention to these photo analyses:

There is a street and a building at the left entrance of the Revival square from the grandstand. The mentioned road and building complete the square.

This is a photo broadcast by Armenian channels.

Now let's look at the analysis:

The following can be understood from the photo distributed by Armenian sources: the building at the left entrance of the square from the tribune was moved back 30 meters due to the rally, so that the participants of the rally could comfortably gather and tell "70,000 lies" and create such a rustic victory background?

In addition, they were able to "show" the majority of participants in the right and left entrance. In fact, it is an ordinary photo-illusion. Armenians unknowingly shared these shots and wasted all their "hard work".

Finally, let's put an end to the Armenian claim of "70,000 participants" with a comparative example. Let's remember the "celebration rally" held on October 18 in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, which won the last world championship. The capital Buenos Aires has 11 million inhabitants, and one of its biggest avenues is July 9 Avenue, where tens of thousands of fans and city residents gathered to celebrate the victory. After that, let's focus on the sequence:

So, this is a satellite image of that avenue and the famous Obelisco tower.


These photos show the "flood of people" celebrating the victory:



The area covered by the residents who came out to celebrate the victory on that avenue looks like this on the map, and if we don't take into account the intersections with outside avenues, the distance is 3 km long.

Now let's load those indicators into the Map Checking add-on:

Yes, 77,248 people. Let the Armenian media pay attention to this fact and understand once and for all that it is impossible to fit 70,000 people in a square with a length of 900 meters and a width of 70 meters. Therefore, it is necessary to remember the aphorism of one of the geniuses: ‘The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat.’

The protest rally started by Azerbaijani eco-activists, NGO representatives and volunteers from December 12 took away the last hope of the separatists. The number they announced at the next rally was not justified. By conducting this research, we are far from arguing with the Armenian side about the number of participants in the rally. Nothing can be proved anyway. We only tried to show how Armenian sources exaggerate the facts they have, and how they convey lies as truth using modern technologies.