Bagramyan 26, an Armenian Russian-language Telegram channel, shared the following news on February 5: "The Czech Republic is choosing a performer to represent the country at the Eurovision-2023 contest."

The same information, which seems ordinary at first glance, but aims for big goals, then says: "A Czech singer of Armenian origin named Pam Rabbit is participating in the competition. To vote for Pem, you need to go to the link below, click the vote now button, and confirm the choice in the email received."

You may ask, what is unusual here?! Armenians are simply supporting their compatriots. Yes, there is nothing wrong here except to influence the voting, the results of transparent elections. For example, in the 2016 presidential elections in the United States, it was said that Russia had a "hand" in the election of Donald Trump, and there was a lot of talk about outside interference in the election and "Cambridge Analytica." At first glance, there was nothing there either. But subsequent events showed what the main goals were.

The point is that Czech society does not pay much attention to the Eurovision Song Contest. The Armenian diaspora and the media want to take advantage of this moment to make their compatriot a winner in online voting and achieve their political goals. If we pay attention to the actions of the global Armenian network today, we can see that they are all aimed at drawing attention to Karabakh, which is an inseparable part of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in one way or another, and deceiving the global community with false information.

If we pay attention to what has happened in recent times, we will see that world stars and athletes of Armenian origin are campaigning against Azerbaijan using all platforms and spreading their false propaganda. Let's take a look at a few:

- Armenian tennis player Karen Khachanov, who represented Russia in the Australian Open tournament, wrote, "Keep believing all the way, until the end!!! Artsakh stay strong!!!" on the camera lens after the game.

- Henrikh Mkhitaryan added the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan to the map of Armenia while answering the question "Describe the country you represent" during an interview on the Youtube channel of the Inter football team he represents in January 2023.

- Armenian-born singer Cherilyn Sarkisian (Cher) made groundless accusations against Azerbaijan on her Twitter account. Cher is trying to deceive the public that the residents of all orphanages in Armenia are "children of the victims of Azerbaijani aggression" and "because Azerbaijan has oil, no one dares to speak against it."

Armenian star Kim Kardashian is known for sharing false and misleading information on social media. Her last post was about the "humanitarian crisis" in Karabakh.

However, the fact that the news about the blockade is false has been proved by concrete facts referring to Armenian sources. You can get acquainted with some of those articles using these links: 

Vardanyan is oppressing, and Khankandi residents are looking for ways to escape - Facts
Fact-checking of photos of "hunger & misery" in Khankandi living under "blockade" conditions
Vardanyan unknowingly exposed ‘starvation and disaster’ show of Armenians

There is no doubt that Pam Rabbit, who has never seen Karabakh or Armenia, will be encouraged to try to take a photo with the fake flag of the so-called Artsakh that they want to create in the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan. According to the plan, Pam comes first in the Czech voting with the help of global Armenian power and supports the Armenian provocation by participating in the competition.

Another plan of the Armenians has already succeeded. So, an Armenian named Iru Khechanovi will represent Georgia in Eurovision 2023 after winning the national selection with a fake vote. This Armenian lady, with whom the Georgian society is also dissatisfied with, will undoubtedly try to harm Azerbaijan-Georgia relations by resorting to provocation. Georgians do not say anything nice about her. Those who are interested can see the comments of the Voice of Georgia competition both on the YouTube channel and on the Facebook page.

Probably, many still remember the sabotage caused by the Armenians at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. The European Broadcasting Council sanctioned the country at that time for displaying the so-called Artsakh flag. This time, it seems they want to subject the Czech Republic and Georgia to sanctions.

We hope that both Georgian and Czech governments and societies will be able to prevent Armenian provocation before the competition begins.