On July 7, 2023, the news of the tragic death of two children in Aghdere city of the Karabakh economic region of Azerbaijan was spread. It was stated in the report that because their mother was not at home, the children went alone to Aghdere city, got into a car parked on the roadside, and died there due to lack of sunlight and air. If the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia A. Mirzoyan, Ambassador for Special Affairs Edmon Manukyan, employee of “Le Figaro” newspaper J-Christophe Buisson and others had not blamed Azerbaijan with their tweets, we would not have raised the issue again. Unfortunately, the Armenian side used the children’s tragedy as a propaganda method.

Faktyoxla Lab. has investigated the causes of death of 2 children in Aghdere city only by referring to open sources.

Let’s follow what the Armenian media wrote about the event in chronological order.

8.07.2023, 3- and 6-year-old children died in Aghdere region. On that day, a citizen appealed to the “police” and said that she left the children at home without supervision, went to Aghdere for work, and when she returned, she did not find the children at home. Later, another citizen reported to the “police” that he found two dead children in his car, which he had not used for a long time. (reference)

On 9.07.2023, a criminal case was initiated in Aghdere under Article 108, Part 2 (causing death by negligence) and Article 176, Part 1 (failure to fulfill the duty of raising a child) of the so-called “criminal code” regarding the death of two minors. (reference)

12.07.2023. Vera Narimanyan, the mother of the two children who died in the car, says that she went to the center of Aghdere district in search of butter and sugar, and left the children at home in the village of Aghabeyyali, which is located a few kilometers from Aghdere (the mentioned village is less than 1 km away from the city of Aghdere). Maybe it is a village adjacent to the district center-ed.).

The mother said that because her son was sleeping, she asked her daughter to look after her brother and “I will go and get help, I will come soon. The children disappeared during that half hour,” she said.

Until July 13, 2023, the investigation considered the death incident as a motive of ordinary domestic problems. On the same day, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, Ararat Mirzoyan, wrote a tweet about the well-known tragedy and, strangely enough, blamed Azerbaijan for the death of the children. “7-month blockade of LachineCorridor & total siege of NagornoKarabakh ppl is having irreversible & devastating impact on lives of ppl: NK resident children 3 y/o Leo &6 y/o Gita died as consequence of serious humanitarian situation. In 21st century. This should not be tolerated." (source)

After that, the scenario suddenly changes, as if the Armenian society, media and those who are under the influence of the Armenian lobby abroad are given a command to blame the tragedy that happened due to carelessness on Azerbaijan.

The probable version of the incident is as follows: The children, who were left alone at home, followed their mother to Aghdere. The city cameras caught them going to the district center. An ice cream seller saw two children on the street and invited them for ice cream. According to his later confession, he asked them where they were going and told them that after finding out the reason, he would inform the “police” and find their mother. However, the children disappeared within 5 minutes.

40-year-old Ara Grigoryan found the children’s bodies in his car in the morning. He bought his “BMW” car 2 months ago and did not drive it because there was no fuel (meaning propane gas – ed.). According to him, one of the 4 doors of the car – the driver’s door – was open. Tired children are believed to enter the car through that door to sleep.

Suspicious points about the incident that caught our attention:

  1. After the incident, the first information published in the Armenian press stated that Vera Narimanyan (the children’s mother-ed) went to Aghdere for work. Indeed, Vera Narimanyan worked as a housekeeper in Aghdere. Although the woman said that she went to Aghdere “for work”, the news later added phrases such as receiving financial aid, cars not working due to the blockade, and thus the motive changed.


  1. Vera Narimanyan says that she was at the aid distribution place between 11 and 12 o’clock and was advised to come after 2 o’clock. It is interesting that instead of waiting in that office for 2 hours, why did she return with a 3-year-old child who has a heart defect (the mother admitted in a media release) and walked 3 km in 30 degree heat? In any case, it was possible to wait for 2 hours.


Armenian sources write that the temperature of the air in Aghdere rose to 30 degrees on that day.

  1. Let’s pay attention to these statements, which are sharply different from each other:
    1. “Kizaket” website writes that “When the woman was walking in the direction of Agabayali, they called her and told her that there were no children. “We searched all night, only the next morning I saw the dead bodies of my children.”
    2. Another mysterious statement: “On Monday morning, they called and asked me to go and bring the body of my son…”. However, the incident happened on July 7 (Friday). If a woman gets the dates wrong, it’s understandable. But if the woman says the dates as they are, if the car owner Ara Grigoryan discovered the body of a child in his BMW car at 07:30 on July 8, why was the parent informed on July 10, i.e. 3 days later? What did they hide, what did they change?


In addition, the woman said, “I will go and get help, I will come soon. The children disappeared during that half hour.” What half hour are we talking about? After all, she said that she returned home around 17:30. Maybe the woman took the children with her to her work in Aghdere, where the children disappeared when she was busy for half an hour?

  1. Let’s return to the “BMW” car once again. It is noted in the information that after watching the video cameras, it seems that the children came freely to Aghdere city, opened the back door of the old car standing on the side of the road and got inside.

But in the initial version, the owner of the car stated that the door was open only from the driver’s side. “One of the four doors, the driver’s door, is not closed, it is assumed that tired children got into the car from that side to sleep.” Reference

In addition, a thought-provoking question arises: Why would Ara Grigoryan check his car, which he has not used for 2 months, at 07:30 in the morning? After all, he himself admits that he has not driven the car for two months since he bought it because there is no gas (propane gas) or gasoline.


  1. In the article published on July 12, it was written: “From Agabayali to Aghdere… No one has seen the children, because neither gasoline nor drivers can be found in Karabakh.” “15 minutes before 11 in the evening, a seller saw them and gave the children free ice cream.”

It is written that the ice cream seller sees children “15 minutes before 11 p.m.”, that is, at 10:45 p.m. It turns out that it was night time when the children got into the car where they died. Later, the head of the so-called city administration, Arsen Avanesyan, confirmed this fact in his statement to “News.am”. “The children who were looking for their mother came all the way to Aghdere city, it was night time and a known terrible incident happened,” he said. Reference

This means that the hot air brought in as the reason for the children’s death, and the chances of lack of air in the car are reduced to nothing. So, where were the children from 14:00 to midnight? On the other hand, Armenian sources say that security cameras caught the children sitting in the car. If we take into account the fact what the ice cream seller said, this information also turns out to be false.

  1. The information dated July 9, 2023 states that in connection with the death of two minors in Aghdere, a criminal case has been initiated on part 2 of Article 108 (causing death by negligence) and part 1 of Article 176 (failure to fulfill the duty of raising children) of the “Criminal Code”. Let’s pay attention to article 2 in particular.

Felix Arutunyan, the representative of the so-called “investigative committee”, said that the necessary expert work was carried out, active “court”-“investigation” activities were carried out. But it is interesting and mysterious that he said “there is no accused”. So, are Armenians really unable to distinguish to whom the expression “failing to fulfill the duty of raising children” refers to?

  1. Was the examination really thorough? Have there been any signs of violence or injury on the children? Unfortunately, the results of the examination are deliberately hidden.
  2. When we checked the profiles of Vera Narimanyan on social media (she has two profiles), we came across this photo.

In August 2022, when we did a little research on the photo uploaded to her Facebook profile, the geolocation of the area showed Shelli village of Aghdam. After the occupation, this village was the only settlement where Armenians lived in the territory of Aghdam district. The village of Shelli, nicknamed “Ukhtasar” by Armenians, was returned to Azerbaijan on November 20, 2020, in accordance with the tripartite agreement of November 10, 2020. Vera Narimanyan was also one of the illegal settlers.

It turns out that the photo was taken in 2020. We noted that the Armenians who illegally settled in the village left this place on November 20, 2020. It can be assumed that the child shown in this photo is 3-4 years old. Based on this date, the child should have been 6-7 years old. If so, why are they presented as 3 years old? In general, are the dead children really the children of Vera Narimanyan or did this tragic event really happen?

We have reasons for these doubts. Thus, both photos used by the head of the Armenian MFA Ararat Mirzoyan in his tweet accusing Azerbaijan were taken from two different Facebook profiles of Vera Narimanyan.

It is doubtful that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia found the profile of a woman working as a housekeeper in Aghdere in a short time, in a flexible form, and spread the photos of two different profiles. One point that increases these doubts is that Ararat Mirzoyan’s tweet about blaming Azerbaijan for the “death” of 2 minors happened before the tripartite meeting to be held in Brussels on July 15. There is no doubt that A. Mirzoyan wrote this tweet in order to damage the image of Azerbaijan before the Brussels meeting.

We also have doubts regarding the Armenians who commented on the photo-screenshot below, and we will continue our investigations until the Armenian side puts aside the “blockade” excuse and uncovers the real truth, and we will demand the same from the Armenian side.


✅ The fact of the death of 2 minor children in Aghdere has not been fully investigated, the expertise has not been carried out accurately. The death of children is more like a staged scenario than a tragedy.

✅ The mother’s different statements at various times and the claims of the Armenian press do not coincide in many cases.

✅ Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan quickly found two different Facebook profiles of a woman working as a housekeeper in Aghdere and added photos of children to her tweet, which is a clear example of traditional Armenian politics. So, they always use the family tragedy for their insidious purposes. This time, they tried to take advantage of the tragic fate of two children on the eve of the Brussels meeting on July 15 for the realization of this insidious plan.