One of the posts by Arman Abovyan, deputy of the Armenian Parliament of the 7th convocation, spread on his Telegram channel, is plagiarism, Ududaka telegram channel reported.

Faktyoxla Lab. has investigated this fact.

It became clear that Arman Abovyan, who is known for his harsh speeches against Azerbaijan, shared a post on January 26, 2024.

“Friends, from time to time I will post information about other topics, not just political news or author analysis. Maybe sometimes we need to divert ourselves from what is happening around us. Otherwise, we will go crazy, guys,” reads an intro from the article about the daughter of Kim Wilford, a player of the Danish team who won the European football championship in 1992, suffering from cancer.

Searching for some of the phrases used in that article revealed many sources. In all the posts found, the copyright belongs to a person named Rovshan Karimov.

As a result of research, we were able to find Rovshan Karimov’s post.


It turns out that indeed the Azerbaijani author Karimov wrote this article on September 3, 2018, and it aroused great interest on the Internet. This sharing of his has achieved the following indicators so far.

The Armenian deputy presented that article as his own writing, plagiarized and deceived his readers. Thus, Abovyan added only one sentence to the end of the Azerbaijani author’s writing and misappropriated it: “Denmark’s presence in the final is like fairytales written by another Dane, Y.H. Anderson.”


Indeed, the member of the National Assembly of Armenia, Arman Abovyan, committed plagiarism by presenting the article of the Azerbaijani author as his own.