"Nubar Ozanyan Brigade", a wing of the PKK-PYD terrorist organization located in Syria, has made a statement to support the terrorist Armenians after the anti-terrorist measures carried out by the Azerbaijani army in Karabakh. The terrorist group threatened Azerbaijan and declared that they will behave harshly and uncompromisingly against Azerbaijan.

Faktyoxla Lab. has investigated the "Nubar Ozanyan Brigade", which threatened Azerbaijan, and the connections of this terrorist organization with Armenian terrorists.

During the investigation, it became clear that the threat of ISIS, which appeared immediately after the start of the civil war in Syria, as well as the PKK/PYD terrorist organization, which took advantage of the opportunities that arose in the regional and global sense, created a territory for itself in this country, and at the same time, with the support of many countries, weapons, materials and equipment got it.

At this stage, hundreds of individuals with Marxist/Leninist views and several organizations went to Syria to join the ranks of the PKK/PYD under the "veil" of the fight against ISIS. The members of 6 terrorist organizations operating in Turkiye went to this country in order to support Syria, and on March 12, 2016, with the support of the PKK terrorist organization, they created a new terrorist organization under the name of Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement.

Another goal of the People's United Revolutionary Movement is to support terrorist organizations operating against Turkiye and Azerbaijan, unite these organizations around a center, provide military training and ensure that they gain experience in armed conflicts. One of such terrorist groups is the "Nubar Ozanyan Brigade", which was formed 4 years ago, mainly from people of Armenian origin. Choosing "April 24, 2019" as the date of creation of the "Nubar Ozanyan Brigade" is a form of propaganda with a separate message.

Taking the name of the terrorist group from Nubar Ozanian, a member of the Communist/Marxist Turkish Workers' Liberation Army, who was killed in Raqqa province of Syria in 2017, the founding purpose of the battalion is to protect the Armenian people, language and culture, as well as the members of the community in northern Syria from ‘ISIS’ and Turkiye" indicates many things.

"Nubar Ozanyan Brigade" is a brigade consisting of 3 battalions (750 Syrian Armenians) named after YPG terrorist Nubar Ozanyan.

Nubar Ozanyan (code name: Orhan Bakirdjian) was born in 1956 in Yozgat. After completing his primary education, he got acquainted with the radical leftist ideology and joined the TKP/ML terrorist organization. After the September 12, 1980 coup d'état, he took refuge in France and later joined the TKP/ML's military wing, "Turkiye Iscı Kendli Kurtulus Ordusu" (TIKKO). In 1991-1992, Ozanyan went to Karabakh and took part in the terrorist war against Azerbaijan.

Ozanyan, who moved to Tunceli in 1992, fought against the Turkish Armed Forces in this region. In 2013, he moved to Northern Iraq and started training TIKKO members in this region. In July 2015, he was one of the leading cadres of the newly created "International Freedom Battalion" (IFB) in Syria. He trained Armenian, Arab, Palestinian, Greek, Canadian, Belgian and French foreign terrorists who are members of IFB. At the end of 2016, Ozanyan, who went to Tunceli again for some time, was killed on August 14, 2017, during an anti-terrorist operation in the city of Raqqa, declared the capital of Daesh.

The leader of the "Nubar Ozanyan Brigade" is a person with the code name "Nubar Melkonyan". This name was created from the surnames of the representative of 2 terrorist organizations: "Nubar" named after "TKP/ML TIKKO" and Monte Melkonyan, a member of the ASALA terrorist organization, who was killed in Karabakh. The main goal of the organization is to create a terrorist alliance by bringing Turkiye and Turkish enmity to the fore, and revive the ASALA ideology. In addition to Syria, the terrorist organization has members from Armenia, Lebanon and some European countries.

According to information released in 2020, with the support of the PKK terrorist organization, members of the "Nubar Ozanyan Brigade" were sent to Karabakh to fight against the Azerbaijani army. Although this was denied in the first statements of the "Nubar Ozanyan Brigade", there is clear information that some members of the organization went to Karabakh. This organization has officially declared that it will assist in sending terrorists from Syria to Karabakh, encourage Syrian Armenians (especially from Aleppo and its surroundings) to go to Karabakh to participate in the war, conduct military training for those who want to go to Karabakh, and organize sabotage-type actions in the returned lands. source

During our investigations, it was also revealed that before the 44-day Patriotic War, in June 2020, the PKK/PYD terrorist organization, which reached an agreement with Armenia, transferred 300 terrorists to Armenia via Iran. It was said that most of these terrorists are members of the "Nubar Ozanyan Brigade", which consists of Armenian-born members of the PKK/YPG, the Syrian branch of the PKK. source

Another fact. During the 44-day war, "Sabah" newspaper obtained the text of the wireless conversations technically monitored by the intelligence units - some details about the "Nubar Ozanyan Brigade". Thus, on October 2, 2020, at 04:20 in the morning, it was possible to listen to a call made from one of the PKK military camps in Basarkechar (Armenians call it Vardenis-ed.) to the "main" headquarters of the PKK in Qandil. In the conversation in Kurdish, the names of the terrorists killed in the Karabakh battles were listed. The words "Joined the caravan of the martyrs of the War of Independence" were used for the terrorists killed by Azerbaijan in secret communication conversations. source

On the eve of that, another fact confirming that mercenary fighters were brought from Syria to help Armenia was confirmed in the information released by the "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights - SOHR" on October 1, 2020. The information said that "reliable sources told SOHR that Syrian fighters of Armenian and Arab descent were taken to Armenia for use in fighting against Azerbaijan." source


One more fact. Alexander McKeever, an employee of Bellingcat, who is at the forefront of propaganda against Azerbaijan, shared information about the gathering of Syrian fighters in Jabrayil district of Azerbaijan in his post dated November 20, 2020. He noted that these people were Syrians brought by Azerbaijan as mercenaries. 

Later, with special fact-checking technologies, we proved that these people came from Syria to Jabrayil (it was under occupation at that time-ed.) to fight on the side of Armenia. (more on this link)

We met this soldier, whose photo was shared by Alexander McKeever, in the promotional video about the "Armenian brigade named after Nubar Ozanyan". This fact is only one of the facts that prove that members, mercenaries, and soldiers of YPG, PKK, ASALA, "Nubar Ozanyan" and other terrorist groups fought on the side of Armenia.

During our investigations, it was revealed that even after the victory in the 44-day Patriotic War, the battalion returned to Syria and threatened both countries by saying that it was preparing to send "kamikaze" to Turkiye and Azerbaijan. Reliable sources in the region said that the terrorist group, which has a close relationship with the Syrian regime, operates comfortably in the areas under the control of the regime and that they plan their activities there. The news published in the Turkish newspaper "Yeni Safak" stated that after the heavy defeat of Armenia in Karabakh, the PKK-Armenian terrorist groups started "noisy" action plans. It has been reported that the Armenian terrorist brigade plans to carry out "kamikaze attacks" against civilian targets in Turkiye and Azerbaijan, including Russia, which is responsible for the defeat of Karabakh. source


- "Nubar Ozanyan Brigade" is one of the Armenian terrorist groups operating in Syria;

- The fact that this terrorist group constantly threatens Azerbaijan and Turkiye is true;

- "Nubar Ozanyan Brigade", enraged after the anti-terrorist operation in Karabakh, along with other Armenian terrorist organizations, is not new to threatening Azerbaijan. A similar case has been repeatedly expressed by this terrorist group.