Russian billionaire Ruben Vardanyan released a video appeal from Khankendi on September 21. Some technical points in that appeal raised doubts.

For this reason, Faktyoxla Lab. conducted a technical review of the video appeal.

The technical staff of Faktyoxla Lab. claims the following points:

1.The video was shot using a tablet that Vardanyan was holding with both hands. Since the tablet is held very close, the sound effect suggests that the shooting was not done on the street, but in a studio, room and other closed place. That’s because extraneous sounds (car, wind, etc.) are almost inaudible. It is possible to easily distinguish between "background" sound (in the video, sub-sounds such as the sound of birds, wind, car, etc.) and "front" sounds (the main sound, the voice of Ruben Vardanyan in the current video). The wind is felt only in the lower voice, and it is felt that there is an extraneous technical interference (-10 db).

2.Let's pay attention to this point in the video. When zooming into the video, the hair tips sometimes disappear, and sometimes reappear. This "front view" occurs when the lights in the scene are not properly set up. That is, the "keying effect" disappears when the dots (spots) return to the light, and sometimes reappears. Keying is a special compositing effect that happens when we take a part of a video and make it transparent. We can choose this part of the video based on color, luminance or even a mask. When we choose the part of the video to be made transparent, based on color this is known as Chroma Keying.

This situation is repeated in the video image at 1:03: The black spot sometimes disappears, sometimes reappears

3.At minute 1:22 of the video, dots appear on the RGB-applied hair. RGB (red, green, and blue) is a system for representing the colors in your display. Red, green, and blue are combined in various proportions to produce any color in the visible spectrum.

This means that the hair is Chroma key sensitive and not properly screen matted. (Image Matting is the process of accurately estimating the foreground object in images and videos. It is a very important technique in image and video editing applications, particularly in film production for creating visual effects.) We repeat again: because the lights in the scene where the "front view" is taken are not set correctly, the "keying effect" spot appears and disappears when it returns to the light and reappears later.

4."Adobe After effect", "keylight(1.2)", "auto color", "Track Motion", "Stabilize" video-montage programs and effects were used while making the video.


- It is doubtful that Ruben Vardanyan's video appeal was made from Khankendi. Most likely, it was recorded using special programs.